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Weekly on Tuesday Evenings @ 6:30pm
Collective Energy Yoga Studio

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Experience Samadhi & Awaken True Mystical Awareness while exploring how to take your Life and Spiritual Evolution to the Next Level.

Join a community of meditators and mystics for an evening of Light, Magic and Dharma.

Luminosity™ is a public class offered to give attendees a true mystical experience through direct transmission. The experience focuses on our core practice of Luminous Meditation, a mystical meditation where higher states of awareness & samadhi are shared collectively.

In between meditations, experiences are shared and refinement is offered for you to take your practice and life to the next level.

My intent is for you to leave class with a greater understanding & depth of your spiritual evolution while living and working in the world.

No previous meditation or spiritual experience necessary.

Why Luminous Meditation and Mysticism? 

Luminous Meditation is an advanced practice of transmission based mystical meditation. This spiritual energy that is transmitted creates the awakening in your awareness necessary for new states of higher consciousness and empowers you to create rapid progress in all areas of life. 

Mysticism in itself is a fast path approach to Self Realization, Liberation, and ultimately Enlightenment. It is the exploration of states of attention through the use and application of energy, kundalini, and personal power. It cuts through the intellect and takes you right there to the direct experience.

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Here's what students are saying..

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Jerad F
Graphic Designer & Mind Mapper

Having practiced transcendental and mindfulness meditation, I have to say that Taylor teaches a type of meditation that is incredibly simple but very very profound. The class itself is an excellent synthesis of wisdom traditions, all boiled down to the primary focus point of living a balanced life of continuous spiritual progress within a context of impeccable life in the world, and I feel a definite shift in my own awareness as far as truly balancing these two zones properly

Pilar A
Human Design Reader

Taylor's unique expertise in mysticism & meditation has been a total gift to my life. I have been an avid meditation enthusiast for many years before meeting Taylor. While I was developing, finding more peace, and creating a more aligned life, everything really started to transform at a much more rapid rate after working with Taylor. Luminous Meditation quickly allowed me to realign, refocus, and come into fullest alignment with myself. 

Matt G
Alignment Coach & NLP Trainer

Since being apart of Taylor's Programs the last year and a half, I have been receiving Crystal Clear Clarity around my purpose in life and how I get to show up in a loving, prosperous and authentic way that supports myself and others. Since studying meditation with Taylor I have a newfound sense of freedom, focus and direction with the decisions I make and the long lasting commitment to being the best version of myself. Thank you for showing my how to change my life!

Experiences Include

- Experiencing and visibly seeing one's awareness as it manifests as Light.

- Stopping thought and transcending the mind.

- Ecstatic Bliss and Inner Peace.

- Activation and authentic experience of Shakti, Shiva, and Kundalini energy.

- Authentic & tangible experience of one's energy centers.

- Manifestations of psychic phenomena & mystical visions.

How to Prepare

  • Eat a light dinner or bring snacks for after. Avoid a full stomach and heavy meal prior to class.

  • Avoid alcohol or intoxicants before class, including Cannabis. CBD okay :) 

  • Bring your own water or beverage

  • A journal or something to record your experiences is recommended.

  • Meditation Pillow and Blankets are provided, please bring your own for optimal comfort. 

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Who Is Taylor? 

Taylor is a modern mystic who embraces and embodies the contemporary world we all share. His work is centered around the convergence of guiding you in your unique path to Self Realization and cultivating prosperity with your individual Dharma(purpose). Taylor is an established entrepreneur, astrologer, and currently works in Financial Technology as a software project manager. He is a lineage holder of an esoteric Toltec tradition and draws influence from several Enlightened traditions in a refined approach for the modern world. Taylor holds local & online classes, workshops, courses and mentorship opportunities for you to take your life and practice to the next level.